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My Harry Potter Theory - BOOK SPOILER ALERT !!!!!

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I am not even sure if you lot are as into Harry Potter as I am, but figure that if Dan can post about Debbie Harry etc then why not :D


This is my theory on the shock death in the new Harry Potter book.

Please do not read if you don’t want the book spoiled for you!


Dumbledore is not dead- it was Moody polyjuiced as Dumbledore.

No-one knows apart from a select few of the order of the Pheonix, & certainly not any of the younger characters.


Reasons - Well, Dumbeldore is the good sides greatest weapon.

What better ruse than to make the dark side think he is dead!

Moody does not feature in the book. Where is he?

There is NO WAY that Harry can collect the Cruxes (is that what they were called?) without some help from Dumbledore, & therefore defeat Voldemort.

Moody has sacrificed his life for the cause, which is totally in character.

Also, either it was done to expose Snape as a baddie OR he is in on it & has volunteered to do the deed to strengthen his bond with the dark side.He could not escape the binding thing he did with Malfoys mum without them finding out he is really a goodie.


As you can see, I have had far too much time on my hands of late, & am probably in need of some serious help :?

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Wow .... need to get my head around all this, but sounds like a great theory and amazing how you can start to really imagine that this is indeed fact .... no, Dumbledore cannot be dead .... can he? No ....


I LOVE Harry Potter and can't wait for my kiddies to be old enough to read - I keep boring them by telling them how great they're going to think it all is!

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We all think that Dumbledore has done a couple of Horcrux, so appeared to die, as he knows that members of the Order will be able to find them.


Harry Potter is only second to chickens as the boys favourite topic! Now if JK could include a couple of hero chickens in the final instalment I'd have the 2 happiest boys in the world!

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*Sarah* - I am sure Dumbledore is dead.


My theory is that Snape is still with the Order of the Phoenix, but has gone far underground to join Voldemort. Dumbledore was already seriously injured (his hand) so what better plot to establish Snape's bona fides with the Dark Lord than by killing Dumbledore. Also, Harry now has to face Voldemort alone which is far more gripping plotwise than having Dumbledore there to protect him.


Unfortunately we have a very long wait to find out which one of us is correct!

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I think he's dead because he appeared in the portrait in the Headmaster's office. I have to say I was a bit puzzled that Harry didn't run up there straight away for a chat with him. If someone I knew had died and there was a way to still talk to them I be straight there with my many many questions!


I'm SURE Snape is still on the side of good (I have a bit of a crush on Snape you see) and I have this theory: To test Snape's alleigance to the Order of the Phoenix when he first joined and make sure he no longer would have anything to do with the Death Eaters maybe Dumbledore made an unbreakable vow with him where he would die if he wasn't true to the Order of the Phoenix. Dumbledore seemed awfully sure Snape was fighting for Good and that would be a way to be sure.


Snape is a spy and then was put in a position of making an unbreakable vow with the Malfoys so perhaps it was all arranged with Dumbledore and you can read the battle on the roof as if Snape really didn't want to do it and Dumbledore was !egg!ing him on.

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I still think DD is alive !!!!!


I reckon he will pop up right at the very end of the last book, & then it will become clear that he has helped Harry & the others to gain the horcruxes throughout.

They need 8 don't they...that a lot of work :D


My Polyjuise idea came from the fact that the new potions master had a pot of it in a lesson, so firstly it was brought to the readers attention & secondly it is already made (it takes a long time to make if I remember rightly)


I do agree that Snape is a goodie & either way,(if he killed Moody or DD) he will turn out to be a bit of a hero.


Although, if he will be seen as a true goodie by Harry,when he has killed DD (if he did!) will remain to be seen :?


The unbreakable vow with the Malfoy woman is a huge factor in the book, I think everything rides on this & the fact that Snape could not be seen by her to break the vow.



What I love about these books is the way they suck you in, & really believe in the characters.

My littlest daughter is 10 & has just started reading The Order Of The Pheonix, so it is all exciting & new for her, which is wonderful.

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has quite a ring to it, wouldn't you agree :D:D




You've been earywigging into Duncan and Owens conversations, haven't you???!



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