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no eggs today

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One of my chickens,Bluebelle, started laying 11 days ago and Poppy 6 days ago.They've both laid every day since until today. I'm sure that this is normal but just seemed strange that they'd both missed on the same day.



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Im sure more experienced people will be along soon, but from what ive read previously, maybe they have had some kind of fright???? Or if you have had the same weather as us maybe thats just put them off.....


Anyway im sure more people will soon be along to offer more advise......

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It's hard work producing eggs, you get used to the hit and miss of egg production. I always say if they are well in every way and have a day off it's a well deserved rest for them.


I have an older Cochin I bought this year who I imagine will never lay. She's lovely though :wink:


BBx :D

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