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Grass cuttings

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I let my chooks free range whenever I can, but whilst I'm at work they are confined for safety. So that they can have some grass to peck at I put down 15 turf slabs in seed trays and give one to the girls in the run. I thought this would be enough, but even alternating them the 15 I have are just mud now and haven't recovered to put back in yet.


Would it be possible, after we have cut the grass, just to put some cut grass cuttings in the run for the chooks to eat?

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I do this with my hens, as they can't get to the front garden I take the clipping to them. They seem quite happy with them. :D


I also encourage the neighbours to bring their clipping around... the other thing is the clippings that don't geat eaten get composted after a couple of days.. so this helps me to! :wink:

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I also remember reading that it can cause problems.


My girls seem quite happy living without grass - they have loads of other greens to munch on :lol:


New Internationalist this month - some bloke mentioned that hens live on leftover greens but ours - even the ex-battery ones - refuse to eat greens they're given :?


they prefer their veg fresh from the garden/pot - current favourites are garlic chives and tarragon :( in the spring they enjoyed lovely delphinium salad :cry: in future I'll have to plant all delphinums beyond the trellis :lol:

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