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First egg - double yolk!!!

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Hi Everyone


Husband thinks I'm potty :lol::lol: Tilly laid her first egg yesterday and I've just eaten it for breakfast and it was a double yolk!!!!! Talk about doing it with style!!!!! He can't grasp why I'm so pleased but I'm sure everyone out there understands - dont you :?::?:

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Our first egg was a double yolker- when DS2 collected it from the eggport he did the egg dance up the path in the rain, & when I cracked it in the frying pan & we saw it was a double yolker we think that all the street heard us!

We have a picture of it on my gallery link :D

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Yes I know, but the reason we have two hen eglus is that Pepperpot my broody didn't take to the new girls so I panicked and brought another eglu. Perhaps I'm too soft but we had over a week of getting up at 4 am because the whole street could hear Pepperpot having a go at the other two.


Pepperpot lost her mate and was on her own for a month. But she seems to like it that way. My two new girls have loved having the garden to themselves since Pepperpot has been sitting on her eggs.


Having said all of that I would have loads as I'm well and truly hooked! Perhaps it's an early mid-life crisis as I'm 40 next year!

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