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Cube delay

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I've just heard that my cube is being delayed due to problems at the factory in Tedbury Wells (probably spelt wrong) that makes the plastic.


Has anyone else got this problem, or is it just me because mine's a purple one, or because I'm just unpopular or smell or something? :cry::cry::cry:

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They only say a week - so I'm making a massive fuss over nothing really (just like when I get a sniffle and am near death - natural for a man).


I just wanted to let off steam. It won't actually inconvenience me at all as I'm not putting the new Orpingtons in with Georgie for another month or two - so waiting until the end of the month for the Cube isn't a problem.


Just a Monday evening whinge really!


But you know what it's like - when you want it, you want it! I just haven't grown up at all over the last 50 odd years - I'm just a toddler really, wanting my toys!

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I know what it's like Richard - I'm really wanting my orange cube today & some new chooks to cheer me up. I ordered mine 30th May and it's due to arrive on 7th August. That's a Tuesday & that's when my hubby works until really late, so unless I get my pink tool kit out, it won't get done until Wednesday 8th! I just won't sleep & will be up at the crack of dawn to assemble it. Perhaps I should have had a dear little pepperpot with it, so that the lovely Johannes would have assembled it, but that would have been a bit naughty! I'm very excited, but I'm impatient about going shopping for my 3 new chooks! I need this weather to get better too, so as I can do the garden ready for its arrival.


Think I'll go for a day out to Wernlas collection again & view the chooks, just to cheer me up!


Can you just visit garden poultry or do you have to buywhen you visit???


I reckon my cube is on the production line as I speak!!!



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