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Hi Everyone,


After weeks of nagging, cooking and a whole heap of chocolate and flowers, my wife has finally given in and let me order an Eglu and 3 hens. Tried to convince her that we should get a cube but no luck.


I'm hoping she will love the hens and maybe we can get a cube next year.


My daughter wanted some piglets too until her older brother explained where bacon and sausages come from.


The children surpisingly wanted a green one so that is what we have ordered, they are almost as excited as me , can't say the wait is going to be easy.


A vegetable plot and now chickens how lucky am I ?


This is my first post but I'm sure it wont be my last.



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welcome - bet your wife is soon converted, especially when she realises how easy chickens are to look after, how entertaining they are, and how fantastic it is to get free eggs every day!


Three is a good choice, I wish I'd done that.

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Hi & welcome :P


It always makes me chuckle when one partner in a relationship has had to convince the other - they are always the one who falls madly in love with the chickens & asks for more! :lol:


Congrats on your persuasive skills - you won't regret all the flowers & choccies.

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Hi JamJar and welcome. You and your wife won't regret the decision. I have a green eglu and 4 "girls". They are such fun. When digging in the garden they all come over and join in, eating worms, stratching around....really funny. You will have all this to come. Keep us posted.

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