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Sarah 2

Lice powder

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Hi Sarah


you need to make sure that under the wings is dusted thoroughly as you have done. Also, work in well around the neck area - make sure that you part feathers to really get down to the base of them. Finally, make sure you dust well around the vent area.




MH x

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I've decanted the powder into an old talc container that puffs the powder out when squeezed. I manage to hold the hen on the ground with one hand and lift up its wings etc and puff the powder and then rub it in with the other.


I also put powder in the dust bath and the Aubiose that lines the nesting box. I reckon some will get into the right place that way.

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How often am I meant to do all this? Is it as a precaution or only when you see lice. And is lice powder the same as mite powser? (I have mite powder, but the shop only had 1 kind)


I use Barrier Red Mite powder. It does for both. I try to do it once a week.

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