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sparrow hawk and new member

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Hello every one.

I'm on day three with my eglu and lovely bantam chicks Blinky , Gertrude and Nell. They are so pretty but being new to all this I'm a bag of nerves in case I an doing anything wrong!!.

The children and I are looking forward to letting them roam around the garden when I get the fence secure, but this morning for the first time ever I saw a sparrow hawk sitting on my fence - Not bad in the middle of a town!.I looked in a book and it said they would take birds the size of a pigeon. Does any one know would it take my bantams? They are only nine weeks old and very small. Very worried - has any one got any experience of this?

Thank you so much. I love the forum and have been checking it daily while we waited for our eglu to arrive.

(blue eglu)

GNR Gertrude

GNR Nell

PP Blinky

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Over here hawks are the main predator threat for my chooks. I used to see them every day when I let the girls out to free-range, supervised of course.


My chickens are 'plus-sized ladies' :wink::lol: (no we are not! we are just 'big-boned'!) -so I doubt a hawk could take-off with one, but could inflict serious damage. :(:evil:


I now use the Omlet fencing for a large outdoor run for my chickens. I drape cheap deer-netting over the top. It appears to be a very effective deterrent as I have not spotted a hawk in months.


A very determined aerial predator could certainly break through (the 'burst weight' of the netting is low) but the risk of entanglement for the hawk vs the likely yield (theres only 3 'big-boned' chickens in there) - seems to have encouraged them to look for easier pickings elsewhere.


I shall replace the deer netting this winter with some proper flight-top net - but only because of the weight of snow we get here.


Maybe this might be an easy solution to protect your bantam babes? Good luck & enjoy! :D

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I watched a sparrowhawk decapitate a woodpigeon in my garden a few years ago. Actually I didn't see it at first, it just started raining feathers...bizarre sight. My first thoughts were"Who's having a pillow fight?", then I realised the horrlbe truth lay before me by the back door, complete with trinmphant sparrowhawk hmmm. So yes, without a doubt a sparrowhawk will be VERY interested, I'm afraid...

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