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Playgroup Guinea pigs

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As the title says we seem to have got the playgroup guinea pigs for the summer as noone else had even thought of them.

My best friend used to keep them so I am comfortable with them but any tips of whats best for them what treats are good whats poison etc would be very much appreciated. I would trawl through but I'm a) lazy b) dont have the time with it being end of term


thanks in advance


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Grass, grass and more grass. It is after all what a guinea pig is designed to eat! :D I leave patches of long grass in the garden, and just pull handfuls when needed.

Be careful with lawn clippings they can ferment rather quickly.

Also, if you need to buy hay, it is MUCH cheaper to go to a horsey type feed merchants and buy a proper bale of hay. Usually better quality stuff than the pet shops sell in tiny bags.

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Oh good theyve got grass alright

I have to say they always seem a bit miserable at playgroup but I put them in my spare hutch and run at the end of the darden where it hasnt been mowed for a while and they seemed in 7th heaven.

they have the 6 week old chicks next door so I'mm be interested to see the dynamics

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Burgess super excel is great as they cannot cherry pick what they like out of it - bit like chook pellets :) . Its on offer at P@H at the mo - 25% off i think. Yesterday my vet said food should be 80% hay :shock: & 20% greens & pellets. She does know her stuff mind. Get some sticks for them to chew on - pear or apple tree branches (unsprayed) but NOT plum. Or mine love the willow balls you can buy.

Spring greens are great, go a long way & are cheap at the mo. Lettuce is apparently a no-no, although a little bit of romaine hearts is ok. Iceberg big no - apparently a diuretic (I must eat more then :lol:)


The sad thing is you will do all this hard work and then they will go back to their miserable life at school :(


Oh and no straw as it is too sharp, apart from Russel rabbit which is beautifully soft and makes lovely bedding. And guess what I use in the cage .... Aubiose!!


Hope that ramble helps Bron

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