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I've got my bunny so excited

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Hello, just went and picked Benji up this morning he is settling in now.


I have bought him a tempory large indoor cage, and am trying to get through to Omlet now to order him a rablu.


He is so sweet, I was told to leave him alone for 24hrs to let him settle in. When I picked him up to put him in his cage he kept snuggling into me, though he is in now and I have left him in peace :D

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Congrats Jen! Can't wait to see the photos. I am excited for you!


We are off to a rescue centre to look for a boyfriend for Bibble tomorrow :D

We spoke to the vet today when we took her for her post spaying inspection - she thought it would be a good idea I am pleased to say, so we shall be starting slow and gradual introductions soon (bit like an old fashioned courtship!) :lol:

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Thank you everyone he is very sweet and seems quite laid back in his new surroundings. I'm going to take some photo's in the morning and will hopefully have them on here shortly afterward.


All the best at the rescue centre Claire. I tried our local rescue centre and they didn't have any rabbits which I guess is a good thing.


I wasn't meant to be getting a rabbit for another couple of months but fell in love with Benji and had to take him home :D

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Jen he is a beauty! he has got such lovely colourings. I am just leaving for work but later I will post about my trip and new arrival (...s!)


Where did you get your indoor cage? I have one but need another one and am having trouble sourcing one at a reasonable price

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I got it from a pet shop called pets at home. The website is:




I couldn't see the cage I bought on the website but there is a store locator there so you could see if there is a shop near you.


The cage is currently on special offer reduced to £29 (when i did an online search it was £59)


It has a house bit they can hide in and on top a feed bowl and a hay rack and a water bottle come with it too.


Benji seems to like it.


Look forward to hearing about your new arrivals :D

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