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Indian Runner Drake

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I have an Indian Runner Drake who usually has a fabulous green head. Recently his head has gone a kind of white/brown/grey colour. Does anyone know if this is something to worry about. I have phoned my vet who does not know and has sugested I post on a forum. My drake gets a varied diet of pellets, wheat, mixed hen corn and greens as well as what he can find himself in the allotment. He has four ladies he looks after and seems well in himself. If anyone can shed light on this matter I would be most grateful. :?

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Have you posted on practical poultry forum? They might be able to help more. Only a few people keep ducks on this one. Lesley will be along shortly hopefully and if she or Caroline (other main duck keeper) don't know, then chances are none of us will be able to help :? but welcome to the forum anyway! :D

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