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Omlet Go a bit slippy?

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Hi, everyone! :)


Well I have established that my new orpingtons are very naughty and cheeky ladies. They are now becoming 'hens' but are still troublesome when it comes to putting them to bed. They do sometimes get it - but mostly they insist sitting on top of the Eglu (which is already high on a table and they have access with wooden stairs - different to my profile pic!)


Tonight was no different but when I popped the second girl down (the girls' wings always slip through my fingers as they are so silky so sometimes a bit of flapping is involved!) Audrey seemed to panic and she suddenly slid off the side of the Eglu and she ended up between the side of the WIR and the Eglu where she stayed in shock and chirped miserably. I quickly pulled her into my arms and brought her out to offer some hugs and meal worms. She seemed OK, but one eye does keep closing more than the other but hopefully this will be OK tomorrow morning. Her feet gripped very well so hopefully no sprains.


My main ask in this topic is that as the orpingtons are obviously getting a little bit bigger now :lol: and I can't have them sliding off and hurting themselves as the plastic is very very slippy. Does anyone have any advice on what to put on the top/deter the girls to perching on there? I tried plastic pots on top of the Eglu to put the girls off, as they are soft items so if any of them fell off, it wouldn't hurt a hen.




(Also - some wishes for these girls to go to bed nicely would be appreciated :D)



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