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Growing veg?

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Due to the weird weather we're getting lately, it can all be a bit hit and miss. You can definitely grow lettuce as they germinate in a matter of days and I would say have a go at beans and peas, especially if we're going to have a late summer. I planted my peas late and they're just pea-ing now (is that a correct term?).

It's always worth having a look at your local garden centre too, sometimes thay have remaining seedlings that are now fully fledged plants which would give you a head start.

I think it's too late for carrots,garlic and potatoes but I guess that depends on the varieties.

There will be someone along later who will know about those better than me.

If all else fails get your plot ready for the autumn/ winter planting by digging all that lovely chicken poo in!

Good luck!

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we want to grow some for C********* too (sorry, dont feel comfortable saying the word, Kev hasnt had his birthday yet :lol: )


I think we can put them in this month sometime (or thats what we will be doing)


we have a green house, so we can put them in there if it gets too cold/wet/weird

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no need for a greenhouse....


bung some seed potatoes (a quick growing salad variety) in some good compost in a black bag with holes punched in the bottom or even better, one of those 'dalek' compost bins.

cover with a couple of inches of compost, and keep topping up with compost, straw, grass cuttings whatever you can get your hands on. Try to keep the level of covering up to an inch ot two below the leaves for maximum yield.


if you start now, you'll have new potatoes on christmas day :lol:


also worth a go....carrots, try the little round ones or 'nantes forcing' cos they're quicker



french beans (any dwarf variety)


and some things actually prefer a late sowing, sow these now

oriental greens (pak choi, mizuna etc)

bulb fennel

bunching onions

cabbages for next spring (varieties such as 'april')

'all year round' cauliflower


hope you've got good fencing.....your chooks will just lurve your veg patch :lol:

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Is it too late for brussel sprouts?


Mine have been in for a few weeks and have grown really quickly! You could try and plant some now IF we are going to have a late summer. They should be fine through the winter.


Curly Kale and Swiss chard are fine over winter too!



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