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Training young hens! ???

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Our lastest two young arrivals are being rather difficult. :( They are very flighty and lively and do a runner the minute anyone approaches. Getting them into the run is impossible without actually catching them. Hilda is easily caught but Heather is impossible. Neither of them come for any treats, I've tried lots of different things to entice them but getting nowhere. The older girls either crouch to be picked up or merrily follow you into the run for a treat. I spent 20 minutes trying to catch Heather this afternoon and eventually I had to move the netting in to close her off and catch her. :oops: Both littlies cheep loudly if you pick them up. Are they likely to get friendlier or is this what young hens do? I have no experience of hens so young, they are both 12 weeks old. Any advice?

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You are not giving the new arrivals enough time to adjust. Can you not leave them in the run for a week to settle down and get used to where they are - is that possible or do you have them temporarily fenced off.


If they have not been handled then they won't be used to it so you need to gently handle them every day - when they go to roost is the best time.


Just take things slowly and gently - and try not to chase them about to catch them.


I think I would screech if I had just moved to a different place, and felt totally baffled :wink::wink:


They will soon get used to you.

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We had the same troube too but trust me DO NOT GRAB THEM they will get more frightend and will loose all trust in you.

Mischief is impossable to catch not only is she fast but she can fly too and is a pain to get in i cant offer any advise other than be patiant

here is my topic about them:


hope this helps


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Thank you for the advice. I will keep them in the run for the next few days to help them settle in and become more familiar with their new home. As for handling them when they are sleepy, they tend to sleep under the big ones where it's cozy and warm!


I've just been out to see them. All are sleepy except Heather. I stroked them all gently and bid them goodnight. Time to relax and take things easy and slowly I think.

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That's the way. I have had my six baby bantams two weeks which I have introduced to my two old ones.


Each night I go out and pick them out gently one at a time and talk to them and stroke them for just a minute or so each, then gently put them back.


I usually have to put my under under the 'pile' to make sure I stroke and handle all six - as they too just pile on top of each other - the smallest at the bottom :wink:


You can see how they snuggle up on my www link below

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Well today my littlies stayed happily in the run whilst the big girls free ranged. :D They have all had afternoon treats at the same time in close proximity which has been acceptable to all. No sleepy hens yet so I'll give them another hour. Heather has been very calm all day and has taken an interest in the children who have talked to them through the bars! :)

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