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Martin B

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Hi everybody,

I'd just like to tell you a little bit about a new Quail Forum. The national quail forum closed down a month ago, but now one of it's most dedicated members has took it upon herself to create a new forum for all quail enthusiasts up and down the country and evern Europe.

The forum is a great place to be, just like this one.

There is also a live chat room, and live chat sessions are held reguarlly(normally fridays 8pm)


So please join up, especially those of you who own quail and help this new forum to grow to a fantastic fountain of knowledge and friendship, like our special haven in the Omlet forum.




Thanks for reading



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Well their eggs and meat are supposed to be a delicacy! :lol:


They are very easy to look after. All you need to do is give them food and water really. They feed on chick crumb, and drink water. You can keep them in something as simple as a rabbit hutch or a bird cage or if you can afford it- an aviary. Although quail can fly they prefer to live on the ground. If you keep quail on the floor of an aviary they will eat the split seed dropped by the birds that live above them, however it is reccomended to give them extra food, despite them hoovering up all the mess.


If you join the forum, there are lots more people who can give you a point of view and even more information. I'm being a little quick as I am busy today.


Take Care,


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