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Chicken was stuck in hedge!

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Katy went for a wander and as it was a) hot and b) I was cleaning the eglu and she couldn't lay an egg she went for under the hedge. We couldn't find her but eventually tracked her down by quiet noises and movement in the hedge. She wasn't drawing attention to herself and was camouflaged against a brick wall and the leaves. :roll:

It took two of us pushing the branches away and lifting her out, and she'd somehow trapped under her wing.

She seems alright, and I'm keeping an eye on her.



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Oh dear.

My mum looked after our girls last week, & said that Buzz got herself stuck behind some paving slabs that were stacked against the fence. Mum was in a right panic thinking that Buzz had got lost, & mum wandered around the garden shouting "Buzz, Buzz". The things our chooks put us through :roll:

Glad that your girl is ok after her sticky situation.

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