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New Skylines - HELP!

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How are your new Skylines now? Are they settling in?


I decided that today all the girls were going to be in the run together all day. At first the littlies got a few pecks if they were in the others way but now towards the end of the day they are standing in each others company. I reckon another day or two any any pecking will have stopped. :)

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The Skylines are definately getting less jumpy (when your approach them or if a bird lands on the grass next to them) and when my husband has been picking them up to place in the Eglu with the others they have been quite relaxed and letting us stroke them. Our Cube is meant to be arriving tomorrow and we are hoping to be able to let them all sleep in there on Friday night and wake up together on Saturday - hopefully there'll only be minor pecking in the run. Hearing your experience is very promising. How long has it been since getting them and then them being accepted? Some people suggest it can take up to three weeks - I hope it's not that long! It's hard getting up at 4am!!! All four girls seem to be getting on okay, but then that is just through the bars of the run, so I hope I am not taking things too fast...


Can I ask, how much pecking is going on? I mean, I've heard people recommend that you have to let them get on with it, but I don't know when enough's enough...???

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I've usually kept new hens separate for about 7 days, divided by a netting fence so that they are close to each other. Then, I let them all in together and leave them to sort out the pecking order. It isn't nice to watch but it is a necessary part of the hen's life. As long as they don't draw blood, i leave them to it.


It is much easier when you have a cockerel as they don't let things get out of hand.

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Well, the girls would've been spending the day next to each other (seperated in the run by bamboo canes) for 8 days and they've all been sleeping in the Eglu together since Tuesday night, so tonight will be their fourth night. I had a call from Omlet yesterday to say the Cube should be arriving at 2.30pm-ish, so that's where they're all going tonight! and we'll see what they're like in the morning when we let them out into the Cube run together. I've still got my Eglu to use if I need to seperate them again. I don't think hubby or the neighbours will go with the idea of getting a cockrel to sort things out!!!


I must say, I am very jealous of all your animals!


Thanks for your help with my chooks x

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No, I don't think your neighbours would be impressed with a cockerel to wake them up! :lol: We are very fortunate to be able to keep them - although we have 6 crowing at the moment, not much fun at 3.30am :roll:


Good luck with the Cube - I'm sure your girls will be OK all together in there.


Let them sort it out themselves - and as long as they don't draw blood, they should be fine.

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Hello Everyone,


Well, the Cube arrived yesterday and we are very happy with it. All four girls slept in there last night and we let them into the Cube run as a group this morning.


What has distressed us beyond belief is that in a matter of about 5 mins, Bettie & Ethel (two older hens) have not only ripped the feathers out of Beryl's neck and made it raw, they have pecked a small hole in her neck and hurt her eyes.


Audrey was hiding in the Cube itself so has not got hurt like Beryl.


We have sperated them now and Bettie and Ethel are in the old Eglu.


I climbed in the Cube run and cuddled Beryl and dabbed warm water and tea tree oil onto the wound, but it's pretty nasty.


We've seen her have a drink and eat some pellets and she is now sat down, huddled together with Audrey.


We are going to keep the two new girls seperate from the others until Beryl is healed, but we cannot see a solution to this. I have cancelled my reservations for the other hens I was meant to be getting in September and feel like going back to having just two hens right now. Obviously, all I really want is for these four to be friends, but I just don't know how that's ever going to happen.


Can anyone help...


IS THERE ANYONE LIVING IN KENT OR NEAR TO KENT THAT WOULD MIND HELPING US FIT BUMPER BITS TO THE OLDER HENS? (There'd be a cuppa tea and some cake in it for you) We haven't bought them yet, but will do if someone can help us fit them (We have no confidence left at all after this)


IS THERE ANYONE WHO WOULD MIND POPPING OVER ONE WEEKEND WHEN WE DECIDE TO HAVE ANOTHER GO TO HELP US WITH THE INTERGRATION? (Maybe there's someone out there who has much more experience than us who will be able to tell us a bit more about their behaviour and support us when they are fighting...)


I love all four girls and I know there'll be people who will say that 'it's only been 8 days' and we're bad for giving up on them (which we haven't really) but we can't see a way out...


Please help :cry:

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Oh how distressing for you and the new girls. :( Unfortunately I am too far away to help. I only have limited experience of integrating new little hens and my two were no problem. It has taken the best part of two weeks whereas the original three had it sorted in a week. I think you should separate the two skylines from the others until their wounds have healed. It would seem unfair to keep them together. Have you thought of netting off half of the cube run for them so that they can have some space to themselves but still be seen by the others. Perhaps a box in the netted off area for the littlies to roost in? A few weeks together in the same area before reintroducing them again. Don't loose hope eventually they will get it sorted out.


I also read somewhere that someone had had some success with integration by giving each older hen time with the newbies on their own without them having their bullying partner for support. They then swapped over old girls.


I have read in the forum that fitting bumper bits onto hens is tricky but not as bad as you think. I'm sure someone else will be on hand shortly to offer more direct help.

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Hello, how are your two littlie Skylines now? As I have two the same age and have been integrating too I couldn't help wondering.


My lot have been in the run together for a week whilst we were away. Before we left they were definately them and us. On our return we are delighted to find that we now have a flock of 5. They all come out for treats together without any pecking. They are at the bottom of the pecking order but at least they know their place. Heather is still jumpy and flighty but Hilda is much more approachable now. Heather cheeped when we went away and on our return she now clucks!!!

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