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Clever chickens!

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After our first 5 eggs being laid in the garden / run, one of them being a soft-shelled broken one and me stupidly dropping the run on the largest of the lot, I have just checked the girls and Buttercup had been in and out of the eglu all morning and she's just laid in the nestbox!


I'm so proud of her, and Nugget was sat in the nestbox ages yesterday (didn't lay anything) so hopefully she's getting the idea too.


Such good girls had to ring the OH up at work to tell him the good news - he wasn't as excited as me but I think he must of been hiding his feelings lol!!

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I know, I keep popping out to see if Nugget's laid us one too but no luck yet - think I'll leave them alone for a while, they're happily sitting in the shade and I keep disturbing them by going out and rummaging around in their nestbox!

So excited, the novelty of them laying eggs hasn't worn off yet!

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