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Pecking Order

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I was interested to find out about pecking order. I've only had my girls since Tuesday and every night they've gone to bed in the same order, woken up and come back down into their run in the same order. Is this indicative of their pecking order or are they just regimented?

Either way I think it's very cute! :D

If it is the pecking order who's the boss the first in or the last in???

There doesn't appear to be a clear leader yet in the group. :?

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Ours always go up in order like this:









Gemma goes up first and calls the others in. On the first night the others couldnt figure out how to get up the ladder so Gemma came down and chased them up the ladder one by one :lol:

Spice is always the last one up, and she is at the bottom of the pecking order, she likes to stay behinde for an hour so she has time to get any treats the other have missed :lol:

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