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Cuttle Fish

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When I was younger we used to give our budgies cuttle fish - can these be given to chickens?


I found some on the beach the other day and put one up in the run, but they were not interested. My friend suggested breaking them up and putting it into their food, but she hasn't got chooks and I wanted to know what other people thought about it.

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I would wonder about the salt content. If in doubt don't is my motto - try looking it up on the web to be on the safe side.


It might be a bit too soft for chickens - they have very strong beaks don't they

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Please remove the cuttlefish to be on the safe side. I have understood for some years that cuttlefish bones from the beach CAN NOT be given to budgies as the high salt content kills the bird, so it might be equally bad for hens if they choose to have a go at them.


Apparently cuttlefish bones from pet shops have been soaked to get their salt out.


If someone knows differenlty, please feel free to say so, but I believe you may be taking a risk leaving unsoaked bones with the hens.



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I agree with landgirl about cuttlefish found on the beach, but those from pet shops (as long as they are reputable!) are fine.


Cuttlefish is used for providing calcium to budgies and the like, also for snails - which I can asssure you, don't react well to salt! They get on absolutely fine with cuttlefish from the shops.


So - if it's from the shop, it should be fine, but I would steer clear of those found on the beach.

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