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Last minute arrangements

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Aaaargh. I've just collected darling daughter from this evening's Air Training Corps meeting, only to have her hop in the car with beaming grin from ear to ear, and the cheerful announcement that she's been selected to go on camp............. tomorrow :shock:

She needs a mess tin, green camouflage waterproofs, a rucksack and a daysack, and guess who's now going to have to go and buy them tomorrow morning :roll: I would have just appreciated a tiny bit of notice, especially since I've been trying to arrange what the children are doing on Saturday whilst I'm at Blenheim. MIL will be delighted that she's got one less to keep an eye on on Saturday :wink:

That'll be the house quieter (and tidier) until she gets back on Monday then :D

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Ahhh - I see the Air Cadets are as organised as the Sea Cadets then :lol:


My girls are forever coming home from Cadets with please to go on camps the next day



Thank goodness I now have most of the kit to hand & always keep a box of travel sized essentials under my bed.


It makes you wonder if it is really that hard for the officers just to email the parnets & give us a bit of a heads-up on whats going on :roll:

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