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Chickens & herbs

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Hi all


As advised have been hanging fresh parsley up in the run to entertain my chooks. Unfortunately now the parsley has gone from my garden. However I have plenty of sage, marjoram and mint. my question - could I hang this up for them or would it make the eggs (not that I've had any yet) taste funny?

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8) I would give it a go. It's worth a try. It may affect the colour of the yolk but I shouldn't think the taste of the egg would be any different. But hey, if it does make them taste different you may be onto something! Boxes of different flavoured eggs! Brilliant! Supermarkets should do them!:lol:
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I give my girls anything green so I'd definately give them anything you can. They are pretty discriminating and seem to be able to recognise and avoid anything that might cause problems if they eat it.


In fact mine have got so picky they won't eat anything if it isn't nouvelle cuisine and silver flipping service!

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