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Buying Fertile Eggs?

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Hello all!


I read a book last night called "Keeping Pet Chickens", looks on the cover like it was written for a 3 year old, but was actually rather good!

Didn't learn a great deal, but it confirmed a lot I wasn't sure of - I can recommend it!



Anyway - it mentioned that it is quite easy an cheap to buy fertilized chicken eggs? I had never heard of this, and think it might solve a future problem.


I do mean FUTURE... my eglu hasn't even been delivered yet!!!

My sister owns a nursery school, and we both think it would be fantastic if we could take a chicken in for them to see, and then go through the whole hatching an egg process.


Anyway - my neighbours wouldn't appreciate a cockerel, nor would I! But I thought if I could BUY fertilized eggs, that would solve that problem!


What do you all think? (sorry for the lengthy post, I tend to waffle!)

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Hiya, yes you can buy fertile eggs off ebay and from poultry dealers. You have to consider what you would do if any chicks turned out to be cockerels though. Some poultry dearlers will take them back but others wouldnt.

I think it would be a brilliant idea though!!!


PS if you type in "fertile chicken eggs" or "hatching chicken eggs" on ebay it should come up with somthing.

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Steve, I've got my 5th lot of fertile eggs in the incubator - I've bought the eggs from ebay and people I've got to 'know' through poultry forums.

It's a great experience and very exciting on hatch day but, as has been said, you have to consider what you would do with any boys.

You'd have to do a bit of reading up on incubators, brooders and rearing chicks etc., but there's a few of us on here who have hatched chicks so we'd be happy to answer any questions.

If you hatch auto-sexing or sex-linked breeds you can tell at hatch whether you have boys or girls.

Its considered by some to be too late 'in the season' to be hatching, although many hatch all year round.

Hope this helps :D

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:lol: Steve, I also recommend Ebay. I found it really useful for buying eggs. However, if you have any local farms it would be much *cheeper* (haw haw) to buy them. They are normally advertised in magazines such as "practical poultry" if you care to find them. You will have to buy an incubator for your little chicks so take a look on Ebay for that if you can. New ones cost a minimum of £99.00 for hatching around only 3 eggs so I would try to get a second hand. Good luck if you decide to hatch some chicks! :D
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We'd like to hatch some eggs next spring so thanks for the book recommendation I'll get that next Amazon order I do.


We're only likely to do this once so does anyone know if it's possible to hire incubators ?

I know schools sometimes manage to hre them but I've no idea where from.



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Hi there,


I am lucky enough to have a broody hen myself who has four 10 week old chicks at the mo, but my friend has 35 chickens of various breeds and she has bought fertile pure breed eggs off ebay with great success. If you are interested I can ask her for the ebay members name for you to look at if you fancy a peek at what they have to offer, it's better to buy from ones you know have a good hatch rate.


Take care, Dyan GNR

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I will find the name of the seller I bought from.


We got 12 eggs (Mixed so not sure on the breeds ) and we got 8 to hatch despite various problems (The broody suddenly decided she wasn't broody, si we bought an incubator than that died after a week and the shop was shut for annual holiday so had to drive for 2 hrs on a saturday to get a replacement!


Incase your wondering we got other eggs with the 1st incubator hence the 13 chicks!

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