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Lone Chicken

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We currently have a hen solo, and have had one before. In both cases, they seemed quite happy living out their lives alone. Neither seemed miserable to us at any time. Having said that, they both like (or liked) to interact with us a lot and had freedom to free range as much as they want (or wanted). The first one spent most of the time running around with the rabbit we had at the time, they were really good friends (except when the rabbit got a bit too friendly, if you catch my drift, leading to lots of Easter Egg jokes).

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No - not me - I had 3 black rocks then 2 then have had a silver amber and then just brown chooks but only 2 at a time - The one I put down had something wrong inside and was beginning to feel and look so miserable - so down to one and she seems to be ok meantime - I dont intend to buy more and this will be my last one for a wee while!. She is a wee pet and follows all over and lays every single morning!

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