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Help for duck beginner

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Hi there,

I am thinking of getting 2-3 Aylesbury ducks but i am a total beginner so just want to go over my understanding of the basics. In terms of housing The Eglu duck house with 2m run seems to me to be a pretty good option. Outside of that I have a pretty large garden but I guess one would aim to keep the ducks in the Eglu/Run when not being directly "supervised"? Or could one let them roam the garden (there are a few gaps in the fence unfortunately) and then put them to bed every night in the Eglu? 

Also will it be practical to put a paddling pool/tub inside the Eglu run for them or should that be outside the run?

What else do I need to consider?  Reading about the Eglu I guess it is good if we go away for a weekend, for a longer time I suppose I would have to have someone come in every 3 days and top up the food and water? 



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In terms of run space the bigger the better, so get a run extension or a walk in run. Free range time would be appreciated and they would need putting back in their run as they don't roost at dust like chickens do.

Pure bred Aylesburys are really big ducks so maybe look at the smaller breeds if you'd rather have three - White or Khaki Campbell may be a better choice.

You'll probably find it easier to have their bath outside the run but we do both. They'll be fine for a weekend away but yes, other than that get someone in or find a chicken sitter to take them to.

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