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Poorly Chicken

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30B94B1A-0898-41F2-B027-C3DBCF859B61.thumb.jpeg.282f59c6cb4e1a5036b5a5aa82f268d8.jpegHi, recently I have noticed that one of my chickens has something odd on her back just in front of her tail.I picked her up to inspect and it looked sore and really pink and there was very minimal blood. I did take pictures of it and they are shown below. I do not know if this normal because she gets pecked from the other 2 or if something is wrong with her



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It looks as if one of the other birds has developed a habit of pecking her just above her tail and has been breaking off the new quills as they emerge; these are rich with blood, so hence the black scabs. They will damage the preen gland and cause an open wound of this is left to carry on - I'd advise that you fit bumpa bits to the perpetrator/s.

Feather pulling can easily escalate into cannibalism, and this happens very quickly.

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