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The Gherkin Game

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We have a silly game in our house that whenever anyone sees The Gherkin (big office block in London) on TV,or in the paper,then you shout out GHERKIN! at the top of your voice.

The first person to do this 'wins' - & it is usually me 8)


This was fine until last night when we went to see 'Run Fatboy Run' at the movies & - you guessed it - a charcter works at the Gherkin..................& I shouted out GHERKIN! really loudly when it was first shown on screen :roll:


The family then all got the giggles........................


It was pure natural reaction, but I could have died afterwards :oops::oops::oops:

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We play 'HORSE' while we're in the car.....everytime you see a horse, you shout 'HORSE' and win a point. The most points wins. You can wipe out everybody elses points out by shouting DEAD HORSE when you see a cemetary.


Of, course, this has now spread to playing the game anywhere. And like you Sarah, we can be sat anywhere, at friends, in the cinema....and one of us will shout HORSE!!


The cutest thing, is that Stefan now plays..only he says EE-AW !!

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