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poppy ben grace

Cube on outside or inside omlet walk in run suggestions please

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Hi all, long story short I’ve just sold my go up and purchased a secondhand cube mk1. I’m not keen on the look of the new ones , they just don’t look as robust as the old ones . Why on earth did omlet change the design???? What are everyone’s thoughts on this ?

Anyway, due to a bad fox problem I’ve decided my 3 girls just aren’t safe to free range so I’ve sold my beloved Emma Bridgewater crockery collection to fund a new omlet walk in run 😂.

My question is, would I be better to have the cube attached to the outside of the run or inside?? I’m getting the 2x4 run . I just thought it would be easier to clean on the outside and the girls would have a couple more meters extra run from the cube.


Any thoughts would be fab thanks .

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Outside.  Easier to clean the run and cube although you will have to pull the cube away to remove the roof. 

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