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Doing the dance in Dulwich.....

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Steve got home from work yesterday to find an 'almost egg' in the eglu! I say almost egg, as it looked like an egg and you could see the yolk in it, but is was soft and squidgy without a shell. We think it was def from Gretchen as she is about double the size of Daisy!


I got home about 10pm, and couldn't resist going out to give her a congratulatory cuddle. We're hoping to have a fully formed egg, complete with shell when we get back tonight....and hope that she manages to lay it in the nesting box rather than on the roosting bars this time!


It's going to be a race to get home first tonight, think I might even leave a bit early!.....I want to find the first proper egg and fully intend to to the dance.....!!




PS Is it normal that the first egg isn't hard?

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Congratulations on your 1st egg!! A couple of my girls have laid softies before getting the hang of it and finally laying a proper egg. It seems to take them a while to suss it. All of the softies have been laid on the roosting bars or in the run, it's like they don't know it's an egg. All proper eggs have been laid in the nesting box. As long as they've got access to grit they should be laying you good hard shelled eggs in no time :D

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