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Anyone with a chicken moulting?

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I have a chicken currently molting, there are feathers all over the coop and run and it looks like a fox attack! She is really lethargic and just spending the day sitting all hunched up moving about occasionally.  She seems really unsteady on her feet and seems to be slow to react. 

I did think she was in her way to chicken heaven. But I hand fed her yesterday and today and she seems to have perked up.  Will pop and get her some vit boost at the end of the week to try and help. Thanks for that advice Dogmother. 

Why she is molting now I just dont understand! 

Not sure if she is poorly with something else but after using Dr Google am thinking her heavy molt may be the cause? She has been healthy and sprightly before now. 

Hope your hen is back to full strength soon Clucker1. 

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Thanks DM, she’s got baked eggshells. Apart from that and not laying for the last couple of days, she’s the same bossy chicken as ever! Thank you too MC, I’m secretly enjoying it, she has to be 1 of the stroppiest chickens I’ve ever owned! I love the rest of them, but she is something else!

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