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Hiya, according to my Omlet brochure they are vaccinated against:


Marek Disease Virus



Salmonella Enteriditis

Infectious Brusal Disease

Gumborough Disease

Infectious Bronchitit

Newcastle Disease

Infectious Larynotracheithis

Avian Encephalomyelitis

Egg Drop Syndrome 1976


Hope this helps!



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Sorry, this doesn't answer your question but I would be interested to know if it's OK to not have your chickens vaccinated. I bought my 3 from a local farmer who looked at me like I was mad when I asked if they had been :oops:. Should I be taking my girls to the vet pronto or not?


(Sorry for hijacking your post - I just thought the same people who know the answer to your question may know it for mine too!)

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Hiya, I'm honestly not sure......most farmers don't vaccinate pure breed chickens as they are not likley to be kept in big flocks. They mostly vaccinate hybrids because they are kept in large flocks for eggs unlike pure breeds (most of them are not good egg layers.)

Most chickens are vaccinated on the first few days of there lives. Apparently (and i'm only going by what my vet told me) if the vaccinations are done after the first 14 days of there lives then they will have no effect.

When we where going to get un-vaccinated chickens and we phoned up the vet to ask if they need vaccinating he said it depens on the amount of chickens you get. If there are large flocks (between 10-20) then they will need vaccinating, but if they are just keeping a little flock then you should be fine.


Dont worry about those farmers looks, i got plenty of them for buying a cube, using weldmesh to build the run with (not chicken wire.) Keeping them on woodchippings and asking whether they are vaccinated :roll:


good luck


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