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LPG dual fuel car conversion

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has anyone ever converted their car to run on LPG gas?


I am due a new car and i'm thinking of converting to LPG. it costs about £1500 but will save me £700 a year, sounds good to me! it also reduces carbon dioxide emmissions by 0.6 tonnes a year! based on 10000 miles a year average mileage. LPG is half the price of petrol.

If you do high mileage you will save a fortune. You can still run on petrol if you want to.


I think its worth the money if you are going to keep the car for a few years.


here is a link if you are interested.





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We used to have a car run on duel fuel & as there was nowhere around here that sold LPG we had a big tank put up in the garden & get it filled,then filled the car from that.

But, as you are buying all your fuel in one go,its expensive, so in the end we sold the car & now have a very economical little brand new Panda instead.

Its worth finding out if LPG is readily available in your area before you go ahead.............


Brians van has a conversion on it that means we can pour veggie oil into it & it runs on that.Just pure veggie oil, no converting it to diesel or anything.It works beautifully & has saved us heaps of money too :D

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