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Intergrating a new Chicken

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Hi, I hope someone can help me.  

I've had 3 Pekin bantams for 2 years and they are thick as thieves.  A lady in my village lost all her chickens except one (a very lovely tame one eyed polish bantam) and asked if I would take her.  I know that its not advisable to take just 1 chicken but I agreed as being at home I had the time to slowly mix her in and thought it better than being on her own.

I'm lucky that ive got the garden space to allow them to free range over the first week as they can avoid each other as much as they like but get familiar.  When they need to be in the run I have kept her in a separate fenced off part of the run so they can see her but not reach her and I've had her in a separate coop at night as they wont let her in theirs and I wouldnt want to risk it.

The problem is that during any interaction whilst free ranging or any time ive tried to integrate her, they bully her.  I thought it would be once or twice to work out the pecking order but its been a week of it now.  Ive started putting the 2 main aggressors in the run alone as time out and leaving her out with the calmest of them but eventually when theyre together again they jump on her and try to pull out her head feathers.  

My question is, would getting 2 more of her breed (which are apparently known for being chilled about newcomers) and allowing her to integrate with them first help?  so then im introducing 3 polish to 3 pekins? Or would that just make matters worse?  Or do I just have to keep her separate for the unforeseeable future?

They are all the same size.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Sam

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