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Kate and Mark and John

New mum, advice please

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We want to do the right thing today... First time mum and first time for us... our pekin bantam  just hatched x3 chicks and possibly a few more coming. She's currently in a shared coop with another broody and six others including the cockerel which sleeps in there too. Currently totally free range over the land (2 acres) and we do have birds of prey flying over. Shall we be separating them from the others and keeping them in a coop with a mesh roof over the top? Or do we just let them free range with the others and build a little ramp for them to get down? We have a spare rabbit hutch type thing that we could use to house them temporarily. What do you think? Any advice much appreciated. Going out to get chick crumb today 

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It really depends on your approach to risk. If you REALLY don’t want to lose any then put them in a covered coop. If it’s more important to you that they live a completely free range life from the start then leave them as they are but accept that there’s a chance you will lose some to predators.

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