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Would you buy a chicken harness ?

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In these times of being shut in, your mind starts to wander and mine started to wonder about some chicken harnesses I saw ages ago on Amazon.

You can strap your chicken in and take it for a walk.

Does anyone do this ?

If I had them, I wouldn't take my girls for a walk but maybe they could potter round my garden with me for a few minutes ?

I don't think my garden is safe enough for them to be in it all the time.

Please help me stop wandering / wondering xx 

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We took our pet cockerel to Tenby on holiday, but he was in carried in a basket because his hips weren't great. He was allowed to wander on the beach and around the grass camp site though. Anyway, we were told of a lady who used to walk her Buff Orpington hen down the beach every morning. Sand is very soft on their feet, which is very important as they have soft skin underneath. You wouldn't want to take them on a gravel path.

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