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Silly question but.....

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Cat Tails is our 'go to' Forum techie whizz! I am sure that she will be along later! Much changed after the 'revamping' of The Forum and it's taken a while to get used to it!

Whilst I am here though, I have puzzled over your Latin! My translation of your 'motto' is 'Always in the s**t, just to varying degrees' or similar! What is the literal translation? 

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1 hour ago, majorbloodnock said:

.....How do I find the bit of my profile that says how many chickens we have? When I look next to my recent post it says "Owns: 4", but I can't see how to alter it. Guessing this is related to site changes, but has that option been removed?

That “4” is a glitch. It isn’t the number of chickens you have but used to be the Omlet product you own. I certainly don’t own 12 chickens. If you remove you own a Cube from your profile, the 4 disappears too.

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Ah, OK. Thanks, CT. Understood.

@soapdragon, the motto in the signature is the kind of pig Latin favoured by, amongst others, Terry Pratchett in that whilst each word is true Latin, the construction is somewhat forced. In this case, it first appeared in the House of Lords (Lord de Ramsey) in 1998 and is generally translated as "Always in the manure; it's just the depth that varies."

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Nothing to be sorry about.

One of my favourite Pratchettisms was in fact not in the Discworld at all. He was describing a downpour as “not so much rain as a vertical sea with holes in it.”

I have also always had a soft spot for Gytha Ogg and her “double entendres that were actually single intenders and proud of it”.


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Well that former quote is very apt for this morning!  Loved the books.  Must find them again as we did bring them with us - no way was I parting with those.  I remember the Gytha Ogg quote now that you have reminded me.  I was banned from bedtime reading Terry Pratchett books because I had to stifle laughs which just made the bed shake until I had to laugh loudly - HRH told me off many times.  What made it worse was I could never put the book down either! 

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