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22 week old Silkie

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One of my silkies (who isn’t laying yet) has been making a noise the entire day. This morning in the nest box were two totally soft eggs. One had been squashed. 
They have full access of our wooded garden and lots of grass. They are fed a growers pellet, have lots of scraps of veggies and meals worms. ACV in water and are a flock of 3. One is older and laying fine daily. She has been in and out of the coop about 100 times !!!! She is eating and drinking just fine. 
Any advice?!  I’d be so very grateful. 

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Grower feed doesn’t have a lot of calcium in it, so you should switch to layers if they started laying eggs.

ACV in the water in combination with hot weather can limit their calcium uptake so be careful with that.

When in doubt, limit their free ranging and treats and just stick to layers for while and see if it solves the egg issue. When were they last wormed?

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