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Pecking Order

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We rehomed some hens last Wednesday and one of the hens is getting BADLY pecked by two other birds. I know that there is a PECKING order, but this is out of hand.

Two other hens are regularly piling in poor old Scraggie  from the other side of the run, and not letting her near any of several bowls of food or water.The other 3 hens are not involved at all.

I have bought anti-peck spray, but this has made no difference. I am considering getting some PINLESS peepers, but most come from China, 100 pairs at a time, and they will take two weeks to get here.

At the moment, Scraggie is just mooching around in the coop, scared to come outside.

HELP - Advice please. 

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You can do two things really:

1) fit a bumpa bit to the two bullies, which will lessen the impact of their beaks.

2) isolate the two bullies from the rest of the flock for a while. A bit like a time out. It will give Scraggie a bit of a break and will give her the opportunity to get more brave with the other three.

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