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New chicken owner! Advice on red mite prevention

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I'm new to having chickens (I have 3)

I am looking for advice for when I clean my coop do I need to use red mite prevention weekly? I have a small wooden coop.

can anyone advise products for this? 
I have had a look online but not 100% sure what to get and if some are better than others.



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OK, so take it apart as much as possible and scrub it all down with soapy water. Dry it off and then spray with Nettex Total Mite kill (pink) spray, this is a disinfectant as well as a mite killer. Powder with their Buz Busters powder and put it back together.

Vigilance is key, so look carefully at it when yo take the housing apart. Keep the housing dry and well ventilated, and use a drying bedding such as Aubiose.

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Thanks so much, that’s really helpful, especially the calander guide to What to do weekly, monthly etc.

I have a wooden coop with a felt roof so I have a fear of red mites since reading about them. I want to make sure I keep on top of this to prevent them and I have ordered the products you suggested and that’s selected on the calander guide. 

Thanks 😊 



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I'd suggest (if you can) stripping off the felt roof and putting some low-profile Onduline on instead.... you'll get much fewer mite problems like that. They can live under the felt roofing without a blood feed for (literally) months.

Just shout if you have any questions, but I think I've covered a lot of it in the articles section on my website.

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Thanks so much. I actually wish I had bought an omlet! I am considering selling my wooden coop and ordering an omlet as they seem so easy to clean etc. Delivery dispatch is not until aug/sept so I would sell my coop near then and hopefully it stays mite free with good weekly cleaning! 

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