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Nice warming sausage recipes please

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Sausage + Lentil casserole - it's a Nigel Slater family favourite, nothing complicated about it. Not sure what you have lying around in your cupboards / fridge though : you'll need, in addition to your packet of sausages - a couple of onions, couple of garlic cloves, a 15cm length of salami (but sliced will do - you need about 150g), couple of tins of chopped tomatoes / jars of passata, about 200g lentils and enough bay leaves to season. This does us fine for 2 adults + 2 young children:


> Roughly cut onions (half and then half and half again approx), slice the garlic. In a casserole dish soften both together in a bit of butter until soft and starting to color. Cut your salami into strips and add to the onion.

> In non-stick pan fry the sausages until they start to brown / color.

> Add the tomato to the onions/garlic/salami, then add a pint of water and the lentils. Bring the lot to the boil.

> Remove the now-nicely browned sausages and add to the casserole dish of tomatoes /lentil etc. Add the bay leaves and season. Put the lid on and simmer until the lentils are done - 30-40 minutes.


Alternatively I like peeling and boiling some spuds for 10 minutes then cutting them into 1-2cm cubes. Slice your packet of sausages and fry in butter, 5 minutes before they're done add the pototoes - they crisp up a treat in the sausage fat. Not the most healthy but definitely comfort food. Serve with a big pile of broad beans...

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A little late replying here but something we do a sausage casserole type thing which we saw on a TV programme years ago which was made by a man who had no arms :shock: It is lovely though.


Put sausages (fresh or frozen) into a casserole dish. You can cut them up or leave them whole.

Add some tins of new potatoes (drained), tinned tomatoes(with the juice), a tin of mushrooms(drained) and season to taste.

Pop it into the oven low to medium heat and leave it for a few hours.

Simple!! :D


You can modify it if you wish by adding a sprinkling of curry powder, an oxo cube, sweetcorn or tinned carrots.

It really is lovely and a great winter warmer.


I like to leave it on low heat for an afternoon while I go shopping etc and at tea time all you have to do is dish it up and you only have one pot to clean. :wink:

Some people may like to brown the sausages first but personally I prefer not to make myself more washing up! :lol:

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