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There you are Mel. If it goes again, click on this website - http://www.gifanimations.com/index.jsp, go to "animals" then "dogs" and drop down the menu and select "monopoly" then right mouse on the picture, copy the url and paste it into your profile then submit.


I'm so frustrated by all this today that I just don't know what to do.

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grd with know-it-all-programmer hat walks in.....


php forums store their postings data in a database. It might be possible to write some SQL to read through and update all the old URLs with the new site address. It's not a simple task, bit it's do-able.


Get to it James! :D

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Oh Kate,


Sending you Big hugs covered in chocolate bigarmhug.gif


This might make you feel better:


Darren left for work this morning at 7am to catch his normal bus. at 7.10am the phone rang and got me out of bed. It was Darren stood at the bus-stop and the bus had gone straight past him without stopping. He was panicking, so I said to walk back to the house and take the car and i'd get the bus to work.


He's just arrived home at 6pm. We were just on our way out the door to visit his parents for tea, and there's no car on the drive.


He forgot he drove to work and caught the bus home! doh.gif


We're now having to get the bus back to his work tonight to get the car and our tea will be in the dog :roll:

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Kate, if you had the power, you could go into the SQL engine and type:


update phpbb_posts_text set post_text = replace(post_text, 'http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum', 'http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum');


That would fix everything. Just thought I'd rub it in a bit..... :D

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Oh sorry Kate, you can do without this :shock: . It's surely not all down to you to sort out :cry: . Take your time and newbies can always ask again and get the answers first hand if things aren't up and running. I think james should have seen this coming maybe...Said nicely of course :wink:



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To be fair to James he was aware of the links problem, and posted it on the forum problem thread. I've still not worked out how to to quotes :oops::oops: , so here's a cut & paste bit :roll:


I understand that this has broken some of the links on the site, but I can't find a way around this.


hope this helps,




However he doesn't sound too promising :shock:

With any luck he'll come back from his trip all refreshed and re-energised, ready to vanquish the forum gremlins, and if he's still uncertain about how to go about it maybe grd's information will make sense to him :? (I'm sure it's great advice grd, but to me it might as well be written in Japanese for all I understand it :oops::oops: )


Kate, it sounds like you're having a really stressful time- don't let the gremlins get to you- the forum will keep, we're all still managing to post, some with more difficulty than others, with or without avatars and with possibly a few more email notifications than are strictly necessary, but it sounds like we're all still managing. Try the feet up, bedsocks on, large glass of wine in front of the fire method of relaxation- I highly recommend it :wink: Green & Blacks optional :):)


Thanks for all your hard work to keep things running smoothly though. It is appreciated :):)

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