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Hello. Any advice please. We have 5 hens in an Eglu and 2 metre run.

The door to the run is open during the day. For the last month Jackdaws have gone into the run to eat the food in 2 eglu feeding boxes.Today one of the hens coming down the ladder caught a jackdaw in the run and started attacking and the others came running to join  in. Luckily my husband was there and stopped the attack.

We do not want the jackdaws eating a container of food a day and neither do we want potential attacks from either flock. Any ideas on how to keep the jackdaws out of the run. We don't want to keep our hens in the run all day every day. 

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I hope you have sorted it out by know. We have some issues with first posts of new members.

A 2 m run is not quite sufficient room for 5 birds, so you wouldn’t be able to keep them there permanently I think. Regarding the Jackdaws, maybe close the top door of the run, so it’s harder for them to fly in. Also consider using a treadle feeder instead of the Omlet feeders. They only dispense some food at a time, so the jackdaws can’t just gobble everything up at once.

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You could maybe try something like having hanging flaps of something covering the run door - the chooks would probably get the hang of it quite quickly but would maybe keep the jackdaws out. It might not though they are very clever. I’d have thought being attacked by the chickens might put them off.

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