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 Hello.  Im a newbie to this forum, but I have been looking at past posts re hormone implants.  I had Maisie implanted two weeks ago.  She had laid a couple of soft shell eggs a couple of months ago, then started to lay lash eggs.  She had a course of antibiotics but this didn't clear it.  I decided on the implant as I lost my beautiful Gloria in April to peritonitis and she started in the same way as Maisie.  All of them are exbatts.  She was fine for the first 24/48hrs, then started getting mooey.  I thought her abdomen was beginning to swell so I took her to the vets to check if peritonitus was setting in, thankfully it wasn't but thet mannaully extracted more lash egg - sore!  She came home and was visibly uncomfortable for a day or so, off her food, very mooey, so I kept her in and fed her Emeraide and tried to tempt her with tasty treats - she wasn't really interested....  She's now outside with the rest of the girls - 4 - holding her own in the pecking order, she's number 4 out of 5, but she's still not eating much, not devouring food like the others.  She doesn't come running when I call them for their treats or corn.  She might 'peck' at it but not injest it.  She scratts a bit but is often away from the others. Her tail is very expressive as to how she is feeling, it is thankfully more upright now than before, it was down and tucked between her legs like a scolded dog.  Herpoop is narrow and watery, it has the white urea, but it has a teal/oxidised copper green colour to it on the surface.  I just wanted to see if others who had implanted their girls had had similar experiences and how long it lasts.  I'm still giving her Emeraide by mouth, ususally she will eat it up with bread crumbs but she's nnot interested so I have to syringe it in.  She hasn't started moulting, her combe is paler than the others and maybe her feet/legs are a little more yellow - which I was expecting.  I wasn't expecting her to be off her food for so long....  Any ideas would be appreciated - sorry its so long, just wanted to give as much info as possible.  Thank you.😊

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