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Larger Walk In Runs Assembly Video?

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I've located several videos for the assembly of the Omlet 2x2x2 walk in runs.  Does anyone  know of videos relating to the larger runs? ie 3x3 or 3x4 .  I.m particularly, interested in seeing the central support setup. 

I,ve seen the instruction booklet but a video may be clearer.

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I haven't even ordered the run yet.  i was trying to  get ahead of the process and see what the build for the 'wider' run looked like. My main concern with the Omlet WIR is the three central poles, that support the roof.  The other run i'm looking at is a wooden construction, sold by Flyte So Fancy, that version is self supporting with brackets and the possibility of s polycarbonate roof. The decision as to which I go for, is pending.

So 4 to 6 weeks for either, that will give me plenty of time to complete the base,

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They are all homemade Fraser66, using 2" x 1'' roofing lath. The size was derived from the height of standard mesh and the length of standard treated laths, which when we first bought laths gave us 1.1 metres high x 2.1 long panels, so 4 makes a square. Small coops have one 'unit' and large coops have two, although we did end up making a half sized unit to give one coop a 1 ½ unit run. I wish we had WIR's as my back isn't what it was, but to be honest our budget wouldn't stretch that far.

The centre supports do get in the way a bit for cleaning and for very large chickens. For that reason some of ours have been removed and are only fitted if snow is forecast.

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