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Suggestions to improve the rablu...

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I've had my rablu for a couple of months now, and in general I'm happy with it. However, there are a few areas where it seems to me it could be improved:

1. My biggest problem is the mess my rabbits make of my lawn by going into the rablu and, as they hop out, dragging half their bedding with them. It's impossible to remove woodshavings and straw from a lawn and mine now looks a right mess! Some form of small ridge inside the door would help, to act as a natural "stop" and block the straw etc from falling out as the rabbits move about.

2. A second door in the run would be great, near to the eglu itself - if I give my rabbits veg, they always carry it half way down the run - precisely the place I can't reach it! This means I often have rotting bits of broccolli in the run which I can't get to to clear out.

3. The water bottle and hayrack positioning needs a rethink. The water bottle spout is so low I don't see how any bun could drink from it. I moved it outside straight away (with a bottle snug on it so it won't freeze). The hayrack is in a bad position because, right over the food bowl, it's inevitable that the rabbits will get seeds in their eyes one day. I had a rabbit with a nasty eye ulcer caused by this once so I'm not going to take the risk. Again, my hayrack has gone outside.

4. Could the winter shelter be made bigger, so that it reaches to the floor on both sides? My rabbits sit up against the fence when it rains, and always get wet bottoms! I'm going to have to invest in a shower curtain to cover it I think, which won't look as nice as the smart winter shade.


Just my thoughts...what do other rabbit owners think?

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I have made some modifications to my rablu too Victoriabunny. I think that because so many people (and bunnies) have their own preferences, Omlet make them all the same so that we can adapt them to just how we like. Mine use the rablu as their toilet, so I have out their litter tray in there - they refused to eat in there - quite right too; no well brought up bunny would eat in the loo - so I have moved theyr hay rack, food bowls and water out into the run. They also have the tray insert in the run, filled with hay for them to lounge in and munch hay all day.


If you email johannes@omlet.co.uk, he'd be interested to hear your points.

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