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Baby chicks

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I would like to raise my own hens but as I cannot keep cockerals where I am I cannot have hatching eggs due to not knowing the sex of the birds obviously. I would like to buy sexed chicks as young as possible to raise indoors to start with while they need heat. I preferably am after Warrens or very similar. Can anyone advise the best places to buy in the Yorkshire area? Have had a look around the internet but it's a minefield of people selling and I would rather have recommendations. Tia.


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Hi, I can't help you with the baby chicks side of things but I was in your position a few weeks ago (wanting to hatch myself but not being able to keep cockerals) but when speaking to my farming friend she was able to find me homes quite quickly with farmers that were happy to have an extra cockeral or two on site.  So just thought I would let you know in case this helps and you have some local homes that could be organised around your area.

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