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Sleepy chick...

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Hi all,

Just wondering if its normal to have one chick that is sleepier than the others? Have a three 6 week old Pekin bantams, the frizzle who's the biggest (not sure if oldest) seems to need so much more sleep than the others. Is this a cause for concern?

New chick worries here!

Also would you sleep them outside? They were at the breeders but is it too cold at night?

Thank you in advance!

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My 6 week old (today) araucana bantams are outside for their first night tonight (they are NOT happy about it) - the temperature isn’t forecast to drop below 16 degrees. 

The sleepiness is a difficult thing to judge without seeing her. All individuals are different - I’d monitor for a couple of days and if there’s no change maybe call the breeder to discuss.

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