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Young Chicken Not Going Into Coop At Night

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Hi, I'm still quite new to having backyard chickens so I need some advice!

I've had 3 chickens for just under a year, and 1 month ago I decided to get another (a bluebell). This one isn't POL as I got her at 16 weeks old. There was obviously a bit of upset from the older 3, but only 2 were actually acting the fool and chasing her about. I did the pecking spray and that helped, but she's still very wary of the 2 that went after her. She actually chases the 3rd one around, so she's not at the bottom of the pecking order. 

At the beginning I knew she'd have issues with the coop (it's a large plastic coop, 2 perches and can fit 8 bantams), so I mad sure I was outside for when it was time for them to go in. She would immediately run to me and then look for  a way to perch on me, usually my lap or shoulder. I'd then wait for the others to go in and settle before physically putting the new one in. I did this up until she went into the coop on her own before I got there.

Now the issue...she's only only taken herself inside the coop 2 times. The rest of the times I find her perched on top of the coop whilst the others are inside. Obviously winter is coming, and I don't want her getting cold if I'm delayed being able to close up the coop. I do regularly spray her with the anti peck, but I fear she's gotten into the habit of perching on top instead of inside.

Any ideas? 

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