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Chickens won't go into Eglu Cube at night

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I am a newbie chicken mum and have had them for 10 days now. When I got them they wouldn't come out of the cube for two days and then they wouldn't go in! I am having to go into the run (not a walk in!), pick them up and put them in. I have the automatic door and put them in when the light comes on. I've read people encourage them with a broom but so far they just huddle under the hutch or run to the other end of the run. I've been blocking off under the hutch just before bed time - one time crawling through the chicken poop to catch them was enough. They're 14 weeks old so could it be because they are too young to work out where home is? They just seem to want to roost under the hutch. Any advice would be welcome. Sorry to waffle.

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Hi l have had my Chickens three weeks now, l am a first timer as well,  l have a up Omlet coup the first night  l put a small torch inside the coup,  This was recommended to me by an experienced keeper, l turned the torch on at 6.30pm they also had to cope with the ladder into the coup, l was nerves thinking how are they going to scale a ladder for the first time and reach the coup, l left them alone for an hour when l returned about 7.30 to my delight all three young ladies were in their coup, l shut the front door opened the back to turn off the light and they were in for the night.  Repeated the process the second night and by the third they went up and in without the torch.

good luck 

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