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How many?????

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We have 8 chickens.

More often than not we get 8 eggs a day, occasionally dropping to 7 on a bad day :wink: Carmen lays a double pretty much every day :)

Last week we had 8 eggs every day.

I poo-picked at 8am this morning before I went to work.... no eggs.

I came home from work at 5.30pm and there were.....





10, yes you read that right ... 10 eggs :shock::?:shock::?


I have counted my chickens and "Ooops, word censored!"ody has slipped an extra couple in so the mind boggles

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I'm going to have a natter with them later and see if they can manage a round dozen :wink:

the really amazing thing is that they are all 'proper' eggs, not a softie among them! To be honest I wonder how many of them belong to Carmen, given her production skills. Wouldn't put it past her to be responsible for at least half of them :lol:

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What is a daisybelle anyway? I'll have to get myself one now!!


just googled a bit and apparently they are a Silver Sussex, the reverse of a Sussex Star, so where as Bertha is mainly white with black flecks, Carmen is mainly black with silver/white flecks. Both of them are big girls.

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